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About Us

Prophecy Girl is a British geeky clothing brand for women who want to indulge their love of science fiction, fantasy, and fashion. Launched in 2016, our Prime Directive is to bring you top-notch geek chic. Our motto is “wear your geek side with pride!”.

Prophecy Girl's exclusive geek clothing line is designed and made here in the UK. We want to bring you more than just t-shirts though; we are creating a collection of fashionable smart-casual womenswear, with a subtle nod to your favourite sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy fandoms.

We have made a conscious decision to base our clothing production here in Britain wherever possible, rather than manufacture in the far east, to help ensure quality and ethical standards.  We want you to fall in love with your new purchase, so we sample and test all our garments, choosing only the softest fabrics and best print techniques.  We don't make throwaway cheapo fashion; our items are intended to be worn again and again, admired and loved for years to come.

Prophecy Girl is the brainchild of Kirsty Hannam, a graphic designer with a life-long passion for sci-fi and pop culture.The brand came about after years of struggling with the lack of stylish geeky clothes for women in the UK. Prophecy Girl aims to change that.

Social Media Links

We are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as @prophecygirlHQ

We don't have an official presence on Tumblr, Snapchat or TikTok at present.

Logos and Marks

We are Prophecy Girl, never ProphecyGirl.  Where further clarification is required, please use Prophecy Girl Clothing.  Our brand font is Pontiac, in various weights and sizes.

We can provide EPS versions of all our logos and marks on request.

Please don't crop, rotate, or alter our logo or marks in any way.

Our main logo

Our alternative logo with web address

Colour Palette

Prophecy Girl uses three main colours, along with a further selection of complementary colours across social media and our website. Our main colour, as used in our main logo is purple #783cbd for screens.

Press Contact

If you don't see what you need here, please get in touch: press@prophecygirl.co.uk