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Everything you never wanted to know about me

  • 2 min read

My name is Kirsty. Apparently, people want to know about me, so here's my origin story

Picard - Awkwardly Waving

I have my Mum, Jane, to thank for my love of science fiction and fantasy.  She shared her love of Star Trek with me from an early age and gave me my first copy of “The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe”.  From there I fell head over heels for Star Wars…BIG time!  Rainy school holidays were filled with Harryhausen monsters, Disney movies, cardboard lightsabers and lots of drawing (boxloads of coloured pencils went into the making of adult me).

Where clothes are concerned, even as a kid I always liked to have something a bit different (who wants to be like everyone else? How dull). It's a struggle to find geeky things to wear though, everything seems aimed at men.  What little is available in the UK tends to be pretty poor quality, cheaply made stuff. Basically most of my wardrobe comes from overseas.

So what’s a British geek girl to do? Start her own brand of course!

Tell me more, because this is *genuinely* fascinating (yawwwwn)

Having been a graphic designer for years, and a lifelong sci-fi fan, combining the two things I love most to create my own range of clothes seemed an obvious solution.

Ideas aplenty, I sat down with my BFF (i.e. my computer) and churned out all kinds of designs.  As you can imagine, I’m in my element creating designs around my all-time favourite characters, books, and shows. Seeing those ideas brought to life is my favourite bit of setting up Prophecy Girl. I have absolutely no interest in being a figurehead for the brand (if I could be a figurehead, I’d choose the one from Sinbad)…I really just want to see other geek girls wearing and enjoying my designs.

I live on a farm in North Yorkshire, England, where I keep a little flock of Herdwick sheep. Being born & raised in the homeland of Sherlock Holmes, Tolkien, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, plus all those sophisticated Shakespearean actors, has *hopefully* rubbed off a bit. At the very least, I appreciate that we’re a droll bunch on this damp little island and I suspect some of that will find its way through into Prophecy Girl’s approach to this brave new world of geek retail. There's not much else to say, oh, except...thanks America for casting us Brits as the enigmatic villain in all your shows. Keep that up please.

Ten Things To Hate About Me:

  1. Hogwarts House?
  2. Favourite colour?
  3. Coffee or tea?
  4. Town or country?
  5. If you were The Doctor?
  6.  If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
    Consulting detective.
  7. If you were a movie villain?
  8. Favourite junk food?
    Fish & chips.
  9. Favourite word?
  10. Staying in or going out?
    I prefer to text.

 Okay, that's quite enough sharing.