Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

February 19, 2019

Okay so you might have noticed that we've not launched any new products in ages. I want to explain why this is.



I committed to Prophecy Girl just before the Brexit vote in June 2016. Considering how it's dominated politics in the UK ever since, we seem no further towards any answers than the day of the vote. With mere weeks to go, it's no exaggeration to say I have absolutely NO idea what is going to happen, how it will affect my business (and the rest of my life) and it's completely paralysed my decision making.

In preparing for the worst outcome, the only option available to me is to do nothing, which leaves Prophecy Girl going nowhere. And that can't continue indefinitely. We've been in a holding pattern since last summer, waiting for answers.

Quite understandably, my UK customers are being very cautious with their spending habits (me too!), and that has compounded the problem, because Prophecy Girl is entirely self funded. So when orders dry up, there's no money in the kitty to make shiny new things for the shop. I'm very grateful for every single order, no matter how large or small, or where it comes from. Ultimately, without orders there is no Prophecy Girl.

I've worked really hard to reach new people, but growing our following has been super hard. Most of Prophecy Girl's competitors have ten times the number of followers on social media. And with posts only shown to around 10% of our own followers, Prophecy Girl is almost completely invisible. Creating competitive content 7 days a week has been pretty draining tbh, so I've withdrawn and taken a bit of a break to concentrate on things outside of Prophecy Girl. I'm also hyper aware that you've seen everything we have to offer, and I'm basically talking to the same people about the same things. Like Brexit, I don't have an answer (I've tried everything I can think of to reach new people).

So between Brexit stifling orders, and the struggle to find new customers, I'm sad to say there are no plans for new designs in the foreseeable future.

For now, we're still flying. What happens next is anyone's guess.

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Sizing Chart
Prophecy Girl
PLEASE NOTE: All sizes are approximate and for guide purposes only. Where items have been measured flat, they are unstretched. When in doubt - size up!
Collard Shirt

Collared Shirts

(measured flat, fabric has NO stretch. A = armpit to armpit, B is nape of neck to hem)
Our Size UK US (A) (B)
XS UK 6 US 2 48cm 56.5cm
S UK 8 US 4 50cm 56.5cm
M UK 10 US 6 51cm 57.5cm
L UK 12 US 8 53cm 58.5cm
XL UK 14 US 10 55cm 59cm
2XL UK 16 US 12 58cm 60.5cm
3XL UK 18 US 14 61cm 60.5cm
4XL UK 20 US 16 64cm 62cm


Flared Skirts

(measured flat & unstretched)
Our Size UK US (A)
S 6-8 4-6 52cm
M 8-10 8-10 53cm
L 10-12 12-14 54cm
XL 12-14 16-18 55cm
XXL 14-16 20-22 55cm
3XL 16-18 24-26 56cm

Skater Dress

(measured flat & unstretched)
Our Size UK US (A) (B)
S 6-8 4-6 78cm 44cm
M 8-10 8-10 82cm 48cm
L 10-12 12-14 83cm 51cm
XL 12-14 16-18 85cm 55cm
XXL 14-16 20-22 87cm 57cm
3XL 16-18 24-26 91cm 65cm


S UK 6/8
M UK 10/12
L UK 12/14
XL UK 16/18

Vest/Tank Tops

S UK 6/8
M UK 10/12
L UK 12/14
XL UK 16/18

Fitted/Semi Fitted Tees

XS Fits chest 32-34"
Fits chest 34-36"
Fits chest 36-38"
Fits chest 38-40"
Fits chest 40-42"
Fits chest 42-44"



XS 21"- 24" waist
S 24"- 28" waist
M 28" - 31" waist
L 31" - 34" waist
XL 34" - 37" waist
2XL 37" - 42" waist
3XL 42" - 46" waist

Inside leg measurements: full-length = approx. 28 inches, 3/4 approx. 16 inches.