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We're On Patreon!

  • 2 min read

Prophecy Girl now has Patreon membership!

Join us to see new designs, get involved with product polls where you help us decide what we should make next. We'll also have VIP discounts, behind the scenes content, and if we get enough support exclusive pin badges just for Patrons. I'm even hoping to put my fear of video to one side and create some BTS videos - eek! Patreon is going to help me kick things up a gear - I'm really excited to bring you new things!

Become a Patron!  

We have 3 tiers of membership available, where you can show your support for Prophecy Girl. You can join:

  • Potentials (tier 1)
  • Scooby Gang (tier 2)
  • Watchers Council (tier 3)

So why are we turning to Patreon?

"Sometimes the most adult thing you can do is... ask for help when you need it." - Rupert Giles

The world was such a different place when Prophecy Girl launched back in 2016. Things have changed, not just because of Covid, but also Brexit, and the way social media now makes it *so* much harder for small creators to get seen (at all).

I feel like Prophecy Girl has barely got out of the starting blocks. There are so many more fandoms we want to represent, and new products that are waiting to go into production. That's where *YOU* come in!

To make all this possible, Prophecy Girl needs a pretty small regular income. In these uncertain times, a little bit of regular cashflow will give me the confidence that we *can* go ahead and order new stock, without worrying that next month there's another lockdown and sales drop again.

Social media hasn't really worked as a way of reaching people - algorithms mean most of our fans never seen our posts at all. Patreon will allow us the space to create a real community, where we can share our love of fandom, you can get involved, and we can all have some fun bringing new goodies to the shop.

Thank you for supporting Prophecy Girl!