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Overseas Delivery, Christmas, And Brexit

  • 2 min read

Christmas is approaching fast and it's time to think about last posting dates.

UK Deliveries

The Royal Mail doesn't seem to be experiencing any delays within the UK, despite the lockdown/regional restrictions. This might change as we get nearer to Christmas and UK customers should bear in mind that more parcels might be in the system this year due to families not meeting up in person etc. So order in plenty of time, please don't leave it to the last minute!

**Updated as of 14th Dec** Our last posting date for the UK will be Wednesday, 16th December. Royal Mail are snowed under with a huge backlog. We make no guarantees of Christmas delivery! We will keep posting items after this Wednesday deadline BUT it's highly unlikely parcels will reach you before Christmas.

Overseas Deliveries

Although the Royal Mail seems to be working as normal, please bear in mind that more parcels may be in the system this year due to families exchanging gifts by mail instead of in person. Please also factor in any restrictions, delays, or delivery problems within your own country that may hold up parcels at customs etc.

Last posting date for overseas will be Thursday, 10th December

And I'm afraid we now have to discuss the elephant in the room: Brexit.

I hate everything about it, but it's something that is being done to us whether we like it or not. As things stand, I have no clue how Brexit will affect Prophecy Girl's ability to sell to customers overseas. Looking at VAT and customs charges, it is entirely possible we may have to temporarily suspend deliveries to the EU and/or other countries while things are sorted out. Worse case scenario, this could become permanent.

This would obviously be devastating for us as a business, at a time when we're already struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic and £0 financial support from the UK Government for home-based businesses. There are certainly difficult times ahead.

All I can say is please do not wait. Make use of the Black Friday sale code: BFCM2020 and order now. I can't bear the thought we might have to turn you away in January, but I can't rule it out.

In the meantime, please stay safe.