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New Logo And Branding

  • 2 min read

You may have noticed a few changes to the Prophecy Girl shop and social media accounts; we have a new logo and branding!

So why have we changed? Back in December, our official opening didn't exactly go to plan. First off, several suppliers let us down so stock wasn't ready in time. Then, I was really poorly for 2 weeks in the run up to launch (great timing huh). Finally, the Monday of launch week, I was asked to be a witness in court...on the DAY we launched. So our "grand opening" ended up a bit of a damp squib, and we basically had to run with our placeholder branding.

Fast forward to Spring 2017 and we now have a handful of products for sale, with more in development & production. Our branding is starting to appear in lots of different formats, from tiny social media avatars through to embroidered labels. Before we set to work on our next big printing project, it seemed like a good time to step back and review the Prophecy Girl brand.

New logo, tada!


Our new logo has been designed to be clear, easy to read, and simple to print or sew into garments. One of the hardest things to do was design something that represents all the varied fandoms we cover, from Sherlock to Star Trek. We didn't want a rocket ship, as we're not just about sci-fi, or something specific to any one theme.  

What we've come up with for Prophecy Girl is an orb...it can be many things: a crystal ball, an Orb of Thesulah, a moon, a planet, a mirror, a spyglass, an asteroid, maybe even a baseball hitting a miniaturisation machine(!)

Prophecy Girl will be using purple, as a colour that feels slightly goth, a bit mystical, and looks great with space designs. Our colour palette has been updated to include brighter colours, inc. a bold red.

Hope you like it.