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Let's Get Social!

  • 2 min read

Social media is a tricky balance at the best of times for a business account, but recently I’ve found myself following accounts I think Prophecy Girl *should* be following, rather than people and companies I actually like hearing from. It feels a bit false, and it’s also kinda boring. So I’ve had a declutter, and you might notice a few changes from here on in.

Firstly, I’m going to be retweeting and sharing more posts from fellow indie business owners - particularly UK artists and creatives. There are *so* many amazing artists, designers, and makers out there who are just not getting enough love. It’s incredibly hard to be seen in amongst big California-based accounts and pods of friends boosting each other’s posts. It’s obviously a strategy that works but I feel bad for all the equally talented folks who seem to have been left behind.

Instagram's new "hashtag follow" feature seemed like a way to discover new people. Maybe it's just me, but the same handful of accounts seem to dominate there too so we've not gained much. Don't get me wrong, those people have got the algorithm licked so kudos for that, but I think there’s enough sun for everyone to shine. So I’m done retweeting already-massive uber popular accounts; there’s so much more to discover out there.

The Prophecy Girl social media presence itself is teeny tiny (I’ve worked hard to gain followers, but it just ain’t happening fellas!) so I fully appreciate the power of a retweet or share. I hope to boost the signal for a few small makers; indie business owners work super hard and deserve more exposure (why are we so quick to share posts by huge celebs, but less likely to share a friend's business post?). A quick retweet or share can help someone make a sale and put a smile on the face of your fave creative maker.

I feel cringey even writing the word “sale”…it feels a bit dirty to admit that you’re trying to sell to people, but ultimately sales pay the bills. Note: there are loads of fantastic hobbyists making wonderful art, but those of us in business need to get comfy with the idea of selling our products AND our brand on social media.

I am *incredibly* bad at this myself! I think partly it’s a culture thing, and I’m being terribly British about it. My friends across The Pond are amazing at networking, selling, making influential friends and generally doing their thing and getting out there. I am in AWE! It seems so effortless.

It really helps if fans and followers share, retweet, repost etc. If nothing else, it's a massive confidence boost, and every sale counts! The "Just A Card" campaign does a fantastic job of highlighting this - I encourage you to join in. I'm going to make a concerted effort to do better on social media, for myself and others. So I will:

  • Follow people I genuinely like hearing from & be more "real"
  • Boost the signal for indie brands who deserve a wider audience
  • Try to be more proactive about putting myself forward (this one is HARD!)

Photo credit William Iven (Unsplash)